A World of COVID-19 – How can I understand the differences in the testing?

So it’s been a while  since my last blog.  I’ve been sitting here watching this crazy world we are living in right now and asking myself, how is this all going to end up when the world is cleared to go back to normal?

What is normal when we go back?  How do we go back to living our lives without wondering if the person you are sitting next to,  may be a COVID-19 carrier.  How do you react when someone you know mentioned they had a COVID-19 test.  Do you wonder what the results showed?

How does this affect our thought process?

Well here’s some facts on the differences in blood tests that can be helpful when you hear that someone you know did  a COVID-19 test and it may just put you at ease knowing some of  the facts.

The FDA approved and antibody test for a company named “Cellex” and they are based out of North Carolina. These tests look at the antibody’s in your blood which let you know if you were exposed to the virus and tried to fight off the virus. So here’s the different types of antibody’s (your body creates an antibody to fight off a virus) that are made:

  1. IgM – within the first 4 days of being exposed to the virus
  2. IgG – a few weeks later you create this antibody
  3. IgA – is the 3rd antibody you create (this antibody could be 6-12 days exposure time)

This test tells you only “if you have been exposed to the virus”. This is important to know especially if you have had the virus because you need to know if you are a carrier. It gives a wealth of information.

The initial test created for COVID-19 was a swab that was stuck inside the nostril (ouch) and you look to see if the virus is there. Yes you have it or no you don’t. However, this test does not tell you if you have the antibody’s which if you did, you could be asymptomatic but still be a carrier. This is pretty scary when you think about it which could be one of the reasons it is spreading so quickly. This test gave some false/positives.

*Both tests are important to have and if you yourself haven’t been tested, maybe you should know if you are a carrier or not.  This can also relieve a fortune telling ANT (automatic negative thoughts) where you may read into the future that you have something and you actually do not.

Hopefully the FDA will soon authorize finger prick tests so that people can do them at home and send the lab card in. Vibrant America is doing a finger prick test for food sensitivity tests and gut permeability tests which is easy to do at home.

I can tell you that living in fear is not helpful.  If you feel that you are someone living this emotion, there are a lot of great supplements that can assist in these odd times we are living in.  Dr. Amen’s GABA is one of them. GABA eases anxious thoughts as well as the thoughts that may drive someone into a downward spiral of sadness or panic attacks.  Medications are needed in this world but one can always purchase the GABA supplement without a trip to the doctor or a prescription.  I can certainly talk this out with you if you felt you wanted to chat to see if this supplement is right for you.  It is not healthy to live your life in a constant state of paralysis as this drives up your stress hormone, cortisol, which can weaken your immune system.  You can always send me an email and we can discuss this in more detail.

Remember FEAR IS A WASTED EMOTION.  HOPE is real and is one of the most powerful emotions we should have in this waiting period.

You have to believe that we all can live a life of safe social distancing, wearing masks when needed (Japan does this all year round because of pollution, pollen and allergies) and not living a reckless life.  Being proactive about your health, exercising, meditation/prayer and eating a healthy plant based diet and adding grass fed meats for those of you who prefer meat in their diets can always helps to enhance our immune system which leads to a healthier way of living.

Hippocrates one said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Eliminating high sugar foods, fried greasy foods and processed foods that can definitely compromise your immune system and wreak havoc in your body.

Head over to www.stopsprayingglyphosate.com and check out some of the web page links that will take you to some other healthy ideas like eating organic from the dirty dozen.  The 12 most highly sprayed goods with the nasty Round Up poison.

Stayed tuned for the next article where we will talk about supplements that can ease our thoughts 🙂

A point to ponder on my friend…


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