About Lucky2BeMe

Do you find yourself with thoughts of “what if” I had only chosen this, or “what if” I didn’t do that? Do you spend time thinking “if only” I could do this, or “if only” I was like her/him?

It is human nature to compare ourselves to others, question our choices, or look negatively at our circumstances. What if, instead of thinking about what else we could do or who else we could be, I could teach you how to live a life where you are lucky2be you?

Lucky2BeMe is a place where you can find support, materials, and guidance to transform your mind, change your health, and turn around your situation no matter what you are facing.

We offer complimentary resources for individuals battling negative thought patterns, ADD, addiction, and other brain related conditions. Additionally, we can work with you 1:1 to develop plans and teach you how to truly embrace being lucky to be you.

In addition to our free resources and 1:1 coaching, we are fortunate to provide scholarship funds to students who are passionate about serving their communities, improving their health, and transforming their mind. Please see our scholarship page for more information.

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