The What Ifs and If Onlys

ADD & Anxious Sad Thoughts - Is Your Immune System Weak?

Check out the latest videos on brain health and nutrition

7 Types of ADD

by Dr. Amen


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Dr. Joel Fuhrman - Immunity Solution

Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about nutrition and the gut connection to healing your immune system.

Can you reverse the root cause by healthy nutrition?  Do you know that most conventional vegetable and fruits contain glyphosate from the  sprays that farmers use?

Do you know that Monsanto is being sued for lying to the public?

Dr Zach Bush - How Toxic Is Our Immune System & Could It Be The Root Cause Of Disease

Dr Zach Bush - GMOs and Glyphosate (roundup poison)

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

by Jon Kabat-Zinn

One of my favorite doctors for healthy eating - Dr. Mark Hyman on eating fat to get healthy

The most important ADD lesson. Ted Talk with Dr. Amen

by Dr. Amen

7 Best Brain Foods

by Dr. Amen

Can you really change your thoughts? ADD & Addiction (Sentis)

The link between Depression and ADD. You can heal your brain if you know what brain type you have.

by Dr. Amen

Have addiction questions? Sugar, Caffeine, Opiods, etc... Check out the video that shows you how your reward pathway works.

by Khan Acadmey

Guided Mindfulness "Sitting Meditation" by Jon Kabat Zin

A great beginners video for relaxing and finding your peace

Mindfulness Meditation - A quick 15 minute stress relief

Take a deep breath and let the journey begin...

Vicki Panagatacos

So what part of the brain controls my emotions?

Once you know, then we can develop a strategy to help you


Biological Basis of Depression Khan Academy

Learning to understand that depression is real but vitamins can help

Anxiety - What is it? A short video by Khan Acadmeny

Khan Academy


Spect Imaging With Amen Clinics - Why Is It Important To Look At The Organ Before You Diagnose With Medication

Why is Spect Imaging so important

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