How Do You Test For Heavy Metal Toxins

So what are heavy metals?  Heavy metals are things like Aluminum, Mercury, Cadmium, Silver and much more.  Why should I care if I have heavy metals in my body.  Heavy metals are endocrine disruptors (hormone disruptors) and can cause auto immune disorders, cancer, and other developmental disorders.  These heavy metals can derail your thoughts that lead to bad choices, emotional issues and disease.

This PDF will list multiple ways to test for heavy metals.  The best way to test for heavy metals is the OligoScan due to the fact that it uses Spectophotometry and doesn’t require a blood draw.  The best is that you get your results immediately.

Check out this link from Khan Academy to understand why Spectophotometry is so important

What is Oligoscan and How Does It Work Extended For Device



OligoScan – how do you detect heavy toxins and how do they affect my supplements?

So What Is OligoScan?

Everybody is unique, bio-individuality and our DNA encodes our cells.  Cells are made up of molecules and elements.  OligoScan measures an individual’s elements.  Health Practitioners, like me, now have a tool that shows us what is happening inside the cell (intracellulary).  Interestingly enough, Spectrophotometry  in medicine has been used for decades in Europe.

OligoScan is a Spectrophotometry that takes live measurements of the skin non-invasively and determines the optical density of a substance.  Every substance emits and absorbs specific frequencies.  If a white beam of light is transmitted on the skin, several frequencies are absorbed and others are  not.  You get your results back immediately opposed to blood work that can take up to a week or more to get results back.  It allows you to be proactive against heavy metals and the damage they can do to your mind, body and cells.

Did you know that Aluminum can pass the blood brain barrier?  Studies show that there is evidence that cause the brain to age and actively promotes the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.  Autopsies from patients with Alzheimer’s disease show extremely high aluminum levels in  the brain.  Interestingly enough, most conventional medicine doctors don’t even test for this.  Did you know that aluminum is found in antacids?  Have you looked at the ingredients in your foods, medicines and cosmetics?

Dr. Mark Hyman mentions in his book, The UltraMind Solution, that mercury is the second most toxic substance know to humans. The only worse is plutonium.  Yikes, I don’t know about you but I’ve been having my old mercury fillings replaced by my holistic biological dentist.

If your interested in doing a scan with OligoScan, let me know.  It’s a small price to pay to know how toxic you are.  It may just be the reason, for anxiety, depression or even worse… addiction.

A point to ponder on my friends…

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SPECT-How do you know what medication you may need if you don’t look

Seriously, why don’t doctors mention that there are over 60 medication for emotional issues?  It’s like playing Russian Roulette in medicine.  Sadly I’m posting this blog because I have a young client who was prescribed medication that caused side effects and the sad thing is, the doctor asked very few questions before whipping his prescription pad out.  I don’t understand why doctors don’t ask more questions that pertain to the blood flow which may cause the emotional issue.  I think more education should be required of doctors prior to writing prescriptions that cause suicidal effects.  If Dr. Amen ( gives his information away for free, why aren’t more psychiatrists reaching out to further their education on understanding how blood flow effects someone’s emotions.

Hopefully others can use this document to understand the need to ask their doctor prior to writing a prescription, IS THIS THE RIGHT MEDICATION FOR MY BRAIN?

A point to ponder on my friends….

Ecclesiastes 2:11 Chasing After the Wind

So my mind has been stuck on this verse and has really resonated my soul these last few days.

Ecclesiastes 2:11 “Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.

How often we spend so much time and effort putting work first, procrastinating on recovery, meditating and self-care.  I read something interesting today in one of my devotionals I would like to share with you for those of you searching for the meaning and purpose of your life.

When God said that rest is found in him, he means that rest “IS FOUND IN HIM”.  A Pastor once talked about the difference between amusement and rest and he said, “we tend to do one better than the other and the one we do well is not rest”.

Our souls require rhythm too.  How often we forget our soul.  Most of us however are unaware of the spiritual rhythms that are crucial to our health and wellness.  Since our lives are increasingly disconnected from the rhythms of Gods word, we often miss his whisper, his heartbeat to our spirit that is meant to sustain us.

When God says to us, “come to me and I will give you rest”… we do not respond.

God tries again, “lay your burdens down” and walk with me and your walk will be burden free, again we do not respond.

God says I want you to be fascinated not with trinkets but with me and yet we still don’t respond.

We glance skyward to listen to the answer and say huh? God, was that you?  What’s linger?

But before he has a chance to reply, we hear a subtle ring from our phone alerting us to a new text message or a new email.  Then we can’t help to move our thumb across our phone or keyboard.

Score one more for the enemy of our soul.

Ouch.  Wow! I’m equally as guilty trying to figure out this thing called life.  Our past has always been a place of mental and emotional escape for those of us stressed out from our present and our future.  However, I learned today that it is not wise to ask such questions like “why were the old days better than today”. It’s like living in the rear view mirror.  No forward momentum, no learning from mistakes, just living in what binds us to our misery.

I ask those of you reading this blog, to make a decision to move forward.  Take the past and thank it for its lessons and then reach for the promise of God.  He gives rest to the weary but we need to present in order to receive the gift of his presence.  Anxiety, Depression and Addiction are mere words.  But Gods promise of rest is what takes our chasing of the wind to something that truly matters.  That my friend is rest for our souls.

A point to ponder on my friends…