Supplements vs. Medicine For Your Anxious Thoughts?

Supplements can play a big role on calming down our emotions.  In the world we are living in, there just seems to be evil after evil.  Government mandates, mask mandates, lockdowns, etc. it doesn’t seem to stop.  Big Pharma makes billions of dollars labeling people with some type of illness opposed to educating them on root cause of toxins that harm our immune system.

Now that some of the stats are out, we see our children are doing worst in school… More of the students are anxious… A lot of students don’t want to attend school… and worst of all suicide rates are at an all time high.

Parents walk into their pediatrician or general practitioner, who quite honestly in my opinion should not be prescribing drugs that change your brain chemistry.  They don’t teach much in medical school about the brain or more doctors would be talking about the gut-brain axis and how foods impact that.  So most people walk out with a prescription of some sort in a 7 minute doc appointment and bingo, they are part of the Russian Roulette System.  If one medicine doesn’t work, they will try another and then another.  All the while changing the chemistry in the brain and 100% of all these medicines have a black box warning that they “may cause suicidal effects”.  Just visit and see for yourself.  Well duh, they do change your brains chemistry but people don’t even get informed consent by their doctors because they don’t understand the impact or the dangers.

The food you eat if you’re not eating organic are sprayed with Roundup (see my other website for more information, and other toxic herbicides.  These toxins can harm the brain as well as cause emotional issues because they are toxic to the brain.  The brain consumes 33% of the calories we eat but 100% of the toxins.  But… your doctor doesn’t share this information either unfortunately or they may just say to read the label.

So where can you start to learn about all these toxins that harm our brain?  Email us and we can certainly do a free health coaching session where we can talk about the gut-brain axis.  Take a look at how toxins enter your body that can impact your brain at

There are many supplements that can help calm the brain and lots of healthy foods that give your brain energy.  A majority of the people have a hard time focusing on the endless amount of tasks on our plate but there are easy ways to calm your brain and keep you focused if your are willing to learn about the toxins that harm our body and brain .

Send us an email and we would be happy to help.

Food for thought my friends…

OligoScan – how do you detect heavy toxins and how do they affect my supplements?

So What Is OligoScan?

Everybody is unique, bio-individuality and our DNA encodes our cells.  Cells are made up of molecules and elements.  OligoScan measures an individual’s elements.  Health Practitioners, like me, now have a tool that shows us what is happening inside the cell (intracellulary).  Interestingly enough, Spectrophotometry  in medicine has been used for decades in Europe.

OligoScan is a Spectrophotometry that takes live measurements of the skin non-invasively and determines the optical density of a substance.  Every substance emits and absorbs specific frequencies.  If a white beam of light is transmitted on the skin, several frequencies are absorbed and others are  not.  You get your results back immediately opposed to blood work that can take up to a week or more to get results back.  It allows you to be proactive against heavy metals and the damage they can do to your mind, body and cells.

Did you know that Aluminum can pass the blood brain barrier?  Studies show that there is evidence that cause the brain to age and actively promotes the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.  Autopsies from patients with Alzheimer’s disease show extremely high aluminum levels in  the brain.  Interestingly enough, most conventional medicine doctors don’t even test for this.  Did you know that aluminum is found in antacids?  Have you looked at the ingredients in your foods, medicines and cosmetics?

Dr. Mark Hyman mentions in his book, The UltraMind Solution, that mercury is the second most toxic substance know to humans. The only worse is plutonium.  Yikes, I don’t know about you but I’ve been having my old mercury fillings replaced by my holistic biological dentist.

If your interested in doing a scan with OligoScan, let me know.  It’s a small price to pay to know how toxic you are.  It may just be the reason, for anxiety, depression or even worse… addiction.

A point to ponder on my friends…

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Does Mindfulness Meditation help ADD or Addiction

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

I’m sure you’ve heard of meditation as it’s very trendy these days. There are so many benefits to spending even 5 minutes each day meditating. Meditation helps to calm your mind, lessens cortisol, lowers your heart rate, and reduces blood pressure, all leading to lower stress and decreased risk for disease.  Most people think that meditation is sitting quietly with crossed legs, listening to ocean music, trying to train your mind to shut off.  The assumption is that the thoughts going through your head will just go away if you can learn to shut your brain down. In all honesty, your brain never really shuts off, so trying to force thoughts away is actually counter productive to your stress relieving activity.

Mindfulness meditation is really just about being present in the moment by paying attention to your breath and practicing longer exhales. You don’t have to turn off your brain as it really never turns off, but simply acknowledge your thoughts and set them aside as you turn your focus back to your breath.  Most people who meditate on a regular basis will have hundreds of thoughts that go through their mind while meditating, which does not make it any less beneficial for their health.  I know I do as my mind wanders all the time but I still try to devote time to meditation each day.

Lots of people suffering with anxiety, depression, ADD and addiction issues tend to be negative in their thoughts or their mind is constantly racing.  It’s much easier for your brain to latch on to the negatives. The concept of negative bias is not new.  The amygdala which is also known as the pleasure center uses approximately 2/3 of its neurons to detect negative experiences.

Positive experiences have to be held in our awareness for more than twelve (12) seconds in order for the transfer from short-term to long-term memory.

So here’s a few basic tips to get started:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit or lay down.  Music is optional, but if you choose to use music find instrumental calming music or just nature sounds
  2. Put one hand on your stomach and take a deep breath in for a count of two and exhale for a count of 4. It should feel like a wave from the ocean coming in to the shore on the breath in and as you exhale, your stomach pushes out like the wave of the ocean going back to sea.  Lol, that’s why they call it Buddha belly.
  3. Just try to keep your focus on your breath for about 5 minutes ( longer if you can.)  Try and work up to about 15-20 minutes each day. The key to mastering this is to not to get lost in that thought or that emotion but to acknowledge it and gently drift back to acknowledging your breathing.

We all have thoughts and emotions during our meditation time. Each and every one of us so don’t be discouraged by your thoughts but keep focused on your breath.  Trust me, it just takes a little practice even if it’s only 5 minutes a day.

A point to ponder on my friends…


If you are interested in finding out more on ADD and Addiction, please feel free to contact us for a free holistic health coaching session.