Doubt – The motherhood of all evil. Could this lead you to a relapse?

In the Vine’s Greek Dictionary Doubt is defined as “To Be Without a Way”

If one were to think about how many times in their life that doubt prevented them from doing something, the list would go on and on…

I lost a loved one recently.  Someone very young and dear to my heart.  I remember one of the last conversations I had with him as we drove home from the city of Chicago.  We talked about Faith and believing without seeing which then led us to talk about how often doubt holds us back and keeps us from something greater than what we can see.  It is now that I’m thankful that I had this conversation with him.

As I watched him for a short time after that, reach out further to the unknown of what his college life would hold for him, I saw him removing the steps of doubt and reaching for the steps of Faith.  He left this world a better place with his kindness and good heart.  He reached for his next step and put the words of doubt in his past.

How often do we let our own thoughts of doubt come between what we want and what we’re afraid of.  If only I could, if only I would have…

It is easy for one to say to remove the fear of doubt but what tools do we have that might allow us to make that somewhat easier and who do we lean on along the way to help us.

It starts by asking.  Asking someone close to you and letting them know that you would like to remove the seed of doubt and replace it with the seed of Belief.  A seed as small as a mustard seed grows into one of the strongest plants in the garden.  Matthew 17:20 “If you have Faith the size of a mustard seed”,  you can move that mountain.


  • Self-Doubt kills recovery and keeps you living in procrastination
  • Faith & Belief = forward momentum
  • Don’t let your voice lead to doubt
  • The battlefield is in your mind not your Faith
  • Don’t let doubt sabotage your Belief
  • Acknowledge your thought of doubt and stand tall with Faith and Believe you have the power to change
  • Be Grateful
  • Don’t look through the rear view mirror as your past is to teach you how to improve your future
  • No regrets.  Do not live in the “If Only or What If’s”
  • Get an accountability coach

I’m here for you if your ready to take the next step.  It requires Faith and Believing in yourself.  You just have to be ready and ask…

A point to ponder on my friends…


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