Thanksgiving Reality Check

Let’s face it—we all do it.  We wish we had something somebody else has that we don’t have.  We wish we were in a better place in life than we are right now.  We wish life wasn’t so hard, so demanding, and so stressful.  But could we just stop for a moment and do a reality check?

Did you wake up this morning with eyes that could see and ears that could hear?  Was your heart beating and your lungs breathing without assistance?  Did your feet hit the floor without a walker in front of you?  Do you have all your extremities which make normal life possible?

Did you wake up to a heated home with running water and electricity?  Did your vehicle have gas in it to take you to work where you can earn a paycheck to meet your basic needs?  Or do you have someone who went to work for you to help take care of you?

We are blessed—we are so blessed.  And yet we often forget to be thankful—to have GRATEFUL hearts for the day-to-day basics we take for granted.  So what if we just stopped and considered those who are less fortunate and what their Thanksgiving Day might look like…

Over 800 million people living in extreme poverty in impoverished nations around the world are undernourished, and yet this Thanksgiving holiday we will likely throw out leftovers that could feed a small army of them.  Almost the same number of people are living without access to clean water and millions without adequate sanitation.

This Thanksgiving, please take a moment while gathered with your family and friends to say a prayer for the less fortunate and especially those who are living in impoverished nations around the world.  And remember your neighbors around you who may not have family or friends to spend this holiday with.  A plate of food or an invite to dinner could be a blessing beyond compare.

Thankfully we all have the opportunity to help in small ways by giving to charitable organizations or a local church who help the less fortunate.  It’s a simple way to show our gratitude to God for what He has done for us.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, with hearts of gratitude from Lucky2BeMe.

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